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the dbs experience
the dbs experience

you deserve a great experience…

Communicating your brand story is our objective… Let’s talk, truly communicate, share images, cultural references and come to know the DNA of your brand. Tell us your story, we’d love to hear it, know it, feel it. We believe in the power of design, its ability to impact your brand and to inspire your guests’ experience.

discover what’s here, in dbs

Our design-build studio is a culture of collaboration and inspiration, our expertise is the alchemy of material, form and function, creating fixtures and flagship environments that communicate your story with unimagined clarity and style. Our tools are sketches, renderings, prototypes, drawings and video tours of your environments. Our team, including curated partnerships, speak in unique “visual languages” crossing stylistic boundaries and exploring new design frontiers. 

let’s get dreaming, designing, building!

We’d love to partner with you on the path to your brands expression or re-invention. You’ll soon come to rely on our dbs team for ideation through implementation.



what’s unique about our approach?

We offer a signature service protocol within dbs that sets us apart in our fixture manufacturing community. We’ve simplified the process, named it and share it to help clarify and identify where you are on your brand journey, what your challenges are and how we can help. We’re interested in your unique needs and goals… all the way from inspiration and ideation through to design engineering documents.

we call them the 7 steps... our simple stages to success:

  1. references
  2. initial renderings
  3. material samples, boards & mockups
  4. final renderings
  5. design intent drawings
  6. prototypes
  7. design engineering drawings

make a friend... call a friend at Fleetwood to learn more!



dbs :
for the love of your brand

design development services:

Working with a Design Firm? Our retail savvy design and engineering teams will support shaping your concepts into prototypes and beyond. Need creative help? Our creative service team will transform your vision into material reality, or invent an innovative expression of your new brand. Our collective retail experience ensures this process is a success from creation through installation.

how we do it… why you’ll love it!

On the path to full-on engineering we’ll work through the material possibilities and detailing options that affect the aesthetic and final cost of your design program. We’ll deliver a complete set of design development documents prepared for FWD : our next phase of your brand progression. Value engineering anyone?

the dbs partnership: we collaborate to innovate!



Experience our know-how, our material expertise and spirit of innovation

Berks County Pennsylvania and our surrounding communities have a long tradition of manufacturing with quality craftsmanship and continue to provide Fleetwood with a rich resource of dedicated contributors and professionals, talented craftspeople utilizing authentic natural materials. This is all magically combined in our studio with brilliant innovation in anticipation of future production.

A world of technical and material possibilities

From hand crafted leather work supplied by a local Amish partner to the laser cut intricacy of an organic pattern, our team will bring your brand to life. Reclaimed materials in your vision? Love that trendy new material? We have you covered.

dbs embodies state-of-the-art processes combined with design relevant materials and skills undiscovered in other places.



Your prototype:

The prototype process is a central feature of our program to develop new concepts and applications with each of our valued clients. Our goal is a simple, direct approach; all while taking the utmost care to maintain design intent, fabrication integrity and ultimate value.

Start the saws and get the hammers…
we’ll “nail” this design!

Prototyping typically adds greater clarity and value through:

• Integration of design, fabrication and procurement
• Streamlined design detail development
• Reality-based design to a price point
• Speed to execution.


project management
project management

This is where we wrap it all up… with expertise:

Our service and management systems are just as customized for your project as your brand and fixtures. In our experience, each client has unique needs. Our mission is to custom fit our portfolio of capabilities to your goals and objectives. Our business teams have a vast experience in all areas of retail: design to build, flagships, shop in shop, full retail, roll-outs, international expansion.

our service teams that take you from fixture to flagships!

We’ll guide your project down the proper internal path to ensure the ultimate service experience, keeping communication, timing, quality and budget at the forefront of our process. Experience our unique approach to servicing your ambitions and strategies.


fulfilment services
fulfilment services

Our network of construction and installation partners work for you.

Warehousing and Inventory…

we can manage all the pieces, from fixtures to props, in preparation for a great installation. These services can be supported through our US partners and internationally, based upon your needs.

Logistics and Delivery …

we’ll communicate and coordinate…what, when and where…Our worldwide and world-class partnerships in the retail store logistics arena extend unparalleled programs tailored seamlessly to your objectives.

General Construction and Installation

our building skills extend beyond our facilities.Our network of store fixture construction and installation partners offer custom services built to your needs.

Our Work

Our Work
Our Work

Choose your path…

Discover the path to DBS
Discover the path to FWD

Our 2 Powerful Service Systems Moving Retail Brands Forward

At Fleetwood, our work is informed by our 2 service systems, differentiating our portfolio of capabilities to better meet your needs, based on where you are in your Brand Journey.

dbs : our design-build studio supports unique brand expressions from the first fixture through flagships. Take confident steps on the path from ideation to brand expansion, through the support of our unique collaborative design experience. Our team adds retail know-how to pop up shops, shop in shops and full retail environments. We’re interested in your story, your imaginings and your creative vision. We have the tools and the creative expertise to bring your brand to life. It’s classic Fleetwood…our innovation-driven design support services deliver you to the door of your new flagship...on time, on budget.

• Brand Visioning
• Design Development Services
• Prototype/Flagship Execution

FWD : When you’re confident in your design format and committed to programmatic expansion of your brand, our team builds the VE solution. FWD offers unparalleled value-based strategic services: fixture production, engineering intelligence, global sourcing, project management and logistics solutions for multiple locations, from shop in shop to freestanding retail. We build to the highest standards, here in the US and internationally. Our extraordinary services are seamlessly delivered by our team of experts, through communication tools and formats that are customized to your needs and culture. Our capabilities create momentum Worldwide!

• Engineering Intelligence
• Value-based Fixture Production
• Installation/Logistical Services


The FWD Experience
The FWD Experience

Moving Your Brand Forward….
Welcome to FWD!

Beyond Design

You’re done with design. Now it’s time for multiples, rollouts and international expansion. FWD is our powerful service system built to accelerate your brand forward, both in the U.S. and around the world.

Build Value

Our focus is building value for your brand with our range of strategic services, customized for your needs. Our expertise is our history of manufacturing and providing high quality fixtures, our unique approach to engineering with purpose and intelligence and our benchmark for outstanding customer support, fulfilling your needs from quotation through installation.

Experience Service

We believe in solid, long-term relationships, in understanding all the intricacies of your program so you can rely on us for seamless execution, now and for your multi-year programs.

FWD is Fleetwood, it’s forward, it’s creating your momentum worldwide.


Custom Fixtures
Custom Fixtures

Manufacturing, Resourcing,

Fleetwood is proud to be a world-class manufacturer and provider of exceptional custom fixtures and furnishings. From our 300,000+ square foot manufacturing facility in Leesport, PA, to our global partners’ facilities in the Americas, Canada, Europe and Asia, all things are possible.

We’re more than just manufacturers. When it comes to supporting your brand expansion, both in the U.S. and internationally, we’ll provide the best of all worlds. Materials and manufacturing can be provided through Fleetwood U.S., outsourced globally, or a hybrid program, whatever best meets your unique needs.

We’re your experts for custom fixture solutions, including:

• Cashwraps and Backwraps
• Freestanding fixtures and tables
• Casework and Perimeter units

We craft from a wide range of materials including:

• Wood
• Metal
• Glass
• Acrylic
• Laminates
• Veneers
• Reclaimed & Sustainable Materials



The Fleetwood Certified
Provider Model

When it comes to producing your fixtures, we’re serious about our commitment to quality. In our own facility and any of our partners’ facilities worldwide, we set the bar high and constantly reach toward perfection, translating these standards to all of our outsource relationships.

This happens through a comprehensive on-site vetting process to protect, measure and rank each facility based on:

• Capabilities
• Product strengths
• Capacity
• Quality level
• Service level
• Enviro-social compliance

Only the best become Fleetwood Certified Providers, so you can be confident you’ll experience our same standard of quality, regardless of where your fixtures are produced.

Perfecting the Ultimate Resource Partnership Team

The best list of Certified Providers is only half of the puzzle. The key is matching your program to our perfect resource for your needs. We know that each program is unique, so we make it a point to ask questions, study and develop a detailed knowledge of your project from the very beginning. Our goal is to know you and your needs, inside and out, allowing us to match you to the best resource for you, meeting your scope, timing and budgetary requirements.

Development &

Development & Engineering
Development & Engineering

Development & Engineering Intelligence

We believe that smarter engineering = smarter fixtures. Our development and engineering services focus on building with purpose and intelligence, looking at the bigger picture to consider how your fixture will perform in the field, and its implications for your overall program. We advance your design for programmatic business by making it repeatable, scalable and sustainable, adding value to your bottom line.

A Smarter Fixture Example: The Art of Shaving


Repeatable, Scalable, Sustainable:

• Developed a standardized fixture package that allowed consistency across all stores vs. custom builds for each location
• Increased material efficiency by engineering to maximize yields when cutting and fabricating
• Reduced store cost by more than 40% on average, and fostered a strong client relationship that has been ongoing since 2009



Value Engineering
Value Engineering

Our Formula for
Value Engineering

Value = function/cost … while guaranteeing aesthetic

Value Engineering is an integral aspect of our service culture that sets us apart in the fixture industry. At the onset of a fixture program, we automatically develop and present VE options for immediate integration and continue to revisit the VE process throughout the life of the program. We view value holistically, not just as a simple exercise in cost reduction, but as a detailed process taking into account all functional aspects of a fixture and its aesthetics in addition to budgetary implications.

Value Engineering is….

​A systematic process to establish the best functional balance between cost, performance, quality and brand expression based on quantities, timing and strategic long term relationships to supply sources.


Value Towers
Value Towers

The Tower Story…Our Unparalleled
Value Communication Tool

The Fleetwood Value Towers are our signature set of fixture icons, representing how our unique VE capabilities are applied to a typical fixture program.

Like a 5-Star hotel system, the Towers reflect 5 distinct levels of value based on material and construction changes so we can match our methods to your budget. We give them the “10’ Test”…. ensuring that from a comfortable distance, all 5 towers create a similar impression, maintaining the design integrity of your brand expression. Vigorous pricing exercises revealed the impact of long-term planning, offshore sourcing and bulk buys, so we can help you realize savings at every step of your brand expansion.

Want to learn more? Reach a Friend at Fleetwood, and we’ll be happy to give you a personalized tour.

Trust Fleetwood…for the value of your brand


Project Management
Project Management

Exceptional Expertise,
Unparalleled Service

Our customized service teams offer the best of both worlds: the expertise and capability of a large corporation, paired with the highest personalized service standards. With a vast experience in all areas of retail, including design to build, shop in shop, full retail, rollouts and international expansion, our service teams are built specifically to the requirements of your program.

We strive to be your valued partner. Our team works closely with engineering, production, sourcing and logistics to initiate, coordinate and follow up on every relevant detail of your project, continuously communicating with customized reporting and scheduling. We’re committed to ongoing relationships, to intimately knowing and consistently supporting your needs and long-term growth plans, so you can be confident that we’re behind you, every step of the way.

Warehousing &

Warehousing & Inventory
Warehousing & Inventory

Warehousing and Inventory Management

Our advanced inventory management and warehousing systems are customized for your unique needs. Between our own facility and partner warehouses across the globe, we have millions of square feet of warehousing space to accommodate your program, any size. Strategically located facilities allow us to keep your finished goods in closer proximity to your store locations, no matter where you’re opening.

Our inventory management system provides accurate, real-time data that we provide through individualized reporting based on the frequency and detail of information you require. We’ll also gladly adapt our processes to work with your own tracking tools, including matching our unique part numbers to your coding system.

We offer the following range of warehousing and inventory management services:

• Container unloading
• Palletizing product – standard and oversize
• Short and long-term storage
• Project/program item consolidation – one stop solution
• New store and remodel order fulfillment
• 100% complete/on-time delivery
• Shop-in-shop and on time project rollouts
• Replenishment order fulfillment
• PICK/PACK, full case, pallets
• Item kitting and recycling services
• White glove, truck load, LTL, small package shipment/delivery services
• Real time on-line item receiving, on hand inventory, order fulfillment and shipment data
• Real time on line access to extensive inventory management reporting
• Ad/hoc inventory reporting capability
• Physical inventory audit



Logistics and Delivery Expertise

Fleetwood partners with world-class transportation and logistics professionals to ensure we have the broadest range of capabilities and services available to meet your needs worldwide. We’ll evaluate your program to provide the best solutions based on your budget and lead time requirements, from ocean freight to priority air, intra-continental truckloads to transborder deliveries.

Our comprehensive list of logistics and delivery services includes:

• Shipping scheduling and management (our carrier or yours)
• Coordination of truck/dock restrictions, store delivery hours, etc.
• Best-practice packaging and sustainable packaging options
• Custom labeling/bar coding
• 24-Hour Advanced Delivery Confirmation Calls
• Special delivery services, i.e. inside delivery, set in place, debris removal
• Shipment tracking and proof of delivery
• Customs brokerage



Installation Services

A successful installation requires experience, dedication, flexibility and attention to every last detail. We keep this in mind from the very beginning, so that every detail of your program is engineered and fabricated with a mindset that is conducive to installation processes for ease in the field. In addition to our team of in-house installers, we manage an extensive network of installation and construction professionals, each of whom is vetted through a careful selection process taking into account capability, experience, financials, geography and references.

Our best practices include communicating progress along the way with photo documentation and a full walkthrough upon completion to ensure our highest standard of quality.

Our range of installation services includes:

• Comprehensive project management
• Fixture installation
• KD fixture assembly as needed
• Site survey
• Location plans
• Shop in shop drawings
• Architectural services
• Demo
• General contracting
• Electrical
• Flooring
• Paint
• Store front glazing
• Site supervision

In Country,
For Country

In Country, For Country
In Country, For Country

For-Country Fixture Solutions

The new "domestic" around the world

As brands continue the trend of international expansion, there is a growing need for a new sort of "domestic"… manufacturing and delivering in-country, for-country for locations around the world. We’re here to support you on any continent. Where in the world is YOUR brand going? Let’s discuss and explore how our team of sourcing experts can locate resources in the target country where you’re opening, creating a "domestic" program anywhere in the world. We’ve had great success in China-for-China.

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